Restaurant review: Jinjuu London (Soho)

Back on the 23rd of February I finally got to go to a restaurant that I have been dying to visit for a long time. I am a massive fan of Judy Joo and so when she opened Jinjuu in Soho I KNEW I had to go. Since then, 2 more restaurants have opened, in Hong Kong and Mayfair, and I still hadn’t been so my fiance and I decided to give it a visit.

The trip itself was pretty spontaneous, we had gone to HMART to do our normally monthly shop there and thought, why not hop on a train into London proper and go, rather than keep putting it off.

I forgot how much I like travelling in London and we found the restaurant really easily. The outside is a fairly typical restaurant exterior, but don’t let the assuming exterior fool you, this restaurant is full of novel features.

As so many of you who are reading my blog are K-pop fans, it’s worth noting that Jinjuu does not shy from pride in Hallyu exports and the Kpop plastered toilets and K-named cocktails are a testament to this.

Non-K-pop fans need not worry though, these novel touches are merely dressing on the experience and you will enjoy yourself just as much if you are just there to experience the cocktails and food.

For our visit I had a K-Pop Pornstar, it felt somewhat required really and I also gave a Kim’s Margarita a try.

The cocktails were great and, as a soju drinker, I certainly intend to go back for a proper session sometime. The real appeal for us though was the food. We decided to skip the Korean classics that we can eat locally in favour of the modern takes and fusion options from the menu.

First up were some Pork Belly tacos, these were definitely my favourite dish of the night and worth going to Jinjuu for all on their own.

We also gave some Bulgogi sliders a try and they packed quite the punch for their small side.

The third dish we initially ordered was the Jinjuu fried chicken. For those who may not know fried chicken is pretty iconic in Korea and this chicken was delightfully crispy and delicious.

After finishing, we decided we still had a little room for more and we wanted to make the most of the visit so we followed up with bulgogi beef skewers, kimbap and mandu (dumplings). All three were delicious, although the bulgogi beef skewers were slightly underwhelming alongside everything else. The best part was how surprised we were with the affordability of the meal, with it costing only slightly more than a meal out in our hometown!

All-in-all we both had a great time and will definitely try to get back again. The food was the star of the show and was a brilliant experience. We couldn’t recommend a visit to Jinjuu any more!!

Have you eaten at Jinjuu? Feel free to share your experiences and photos in the comments?

Any questions? Feel free to use the comment section for that too.

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