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Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Fire

Artist: 2ne1

Released: 6th May 2009

Label: YG Entertainment

EP/LP name: N/A

Other interesting Info:

  • Written and produced by Teddy Park
  • 2ne1’s debut song (but second release after Lollipop)
  • The music video features a cameo from label mate G Dragon of Big Bang.

The song

I love CL’s intro to this song, she really was carving her niche in Kpop from day one!

Dara’s part is a nice catchy piece, though as usual overlayed with so much robot voice effect you can’t hear her. The whole song has that feel to it in this case but this is done far too often to Dara’s voice, which is a shame as Dara can really sing! She doesn’t have a typical kpop singer’s voice, but she does have  beautiful soft lilt that is great on emotional songs!

Minzy is great, but it definitely feels like for the debut they were primarily pushing her dancing.

Park Bomb’s voice back then was astonishing, I do feel her voice has lost a little in recent times (or maybe the other girls have just caught up with her?) but in this song, it’s powerful, clear and perfect.

The song is so catchy I find myself even trying to sing along to Korean parts I don’t know the words to, however the audio effects are wayyyy over the top – even for this style of music.

It definitely has that ‘take it in turns’ style a lot of debuts have, but in Kpop, where your fandom can make or a break you, properly showcasing your members in a debut is actually quite an important thing, so it doesn’t feel weird.

The video

Or should I say videos?

Lets start with the “Space” video, or as I like to call it  the “Let’s-Play-in-the-YG-Dress-Up-Box” version. Unfortunately it does look to me like the girls were allowed to dress up and make their own stages and, just like kids in a drama lesson, completely ignored the original brief. Sorry but I don’t like it.

One of the positives of the “Space” version is that Bom looks fractionally less awkward than in the “Street” version. This could be because in the “Street” version she is wearing one of my much hated leotards or it could be because, despite all my love for Bommie, she cannot dance. (I apologise – I know some of her fans insist she can… but she can’t – she’s very awkward). She does have an amazing voice and a smoking hot bod though so I don’t think she’ll be heartbroken:P

In general I prefer the “Street” version by a lot, although never has a box set been more evident than it is here. Blink and you’ll miss G Dragon at 3:20…. still looks like he’s enjoying it mind!

I am also eternally grateful that they toned down on the fake tan/bronzer. It’s a brave new world but sponsorship form Tango would not have been far away.

All in all, the videos aren’t bad and are nice little intros to the members, but the standard we expect from both rookie groups and 2ne1 is now much higher so it can look a little dated to a newcomer.

Still a great song and fun video, and it certainly could have aged worse.

Songs like this

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