Spotlight on: 9 Muses A – Lip 2 Lip


Song name: Lip 2 Lip

Artist: 9 Muses A

Released: 03/08/2016

Label: Star Empire

EP/LP Name: Lip 2 Lip

The song

Sounds like pretty typical 9 Muses to me and credit to Sojin for holding her own in the rap after the departure of such a beloved rapper from the group. What is nice to me in this song is that we actually get to hear the distinctive tone and accents to the girls voices, often not the case for large girls groups where vocal homogeneity seems to be the primary aim. None of the girls comes off as vocally weak, although this isn’t exactly the strength of 9 muses so the live performances will be interesting to see.

The video

Is those ever-so lightly washed out colours than tend to be used for cutesy or retro videos.  I actually really like these for summer songs as they allow an infusion of brightness without the risk of a cartoonish look. The girls look great, not that styling is ever usually a let down for these girls. the dance is cute but sexy and this kind of cute, fun, almost pin-upesque sexy is not only seeming to be really ‘in’ at the moment but also feels like something the 9 muses girls can pull off really well and so plays to their strengths.

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