Spotlight on: Astro – Breathless


Song name: Breathless

Artist: Astro

Released: 30/06/2016

Label: Fantagio

EP/LP Name: Highlight


The song

Astro’s song has come early enough in the summer that I am not fatigued of summer ‘beach party tracks’ and this is probably a good thing. The song is not likely to be breaking any boundaries and it’s melody will be comfortably familiar to most Kpop fans. There are however some catchy lyrics and a quality of vocal that reminds me of busted/mcfly era boy groups.

The video

The video is the clear attraction for this song, It’s bizarre and faintly disturbing but held my attention the whole way through, even I did spend most of the time utterly confused. It ticks the boxes for bright clothing and fresh ‘boy-next-door’ fashion that are customary for this type of non-threatening boy group. I am glad they addressed the issue of what would happen when she drank the drinks…I was worried.


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