Spotlight on: B.A.P – One Shot

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Song name: One Shot

Artist: B.A.P

Released: 11th February 2013

Label: TS Entertainment (In legal dispute)

EP/LP Name One Shot


The song


So this is one of the few B.A.P songs I know. The intro always makes me laugh, “Let me tell you something you already know”.

The song itself, I love the meshing of the melodic and aggressive and It definitely makes me want to move. I can really imagine this song being played at the early part of a night at a nightclub, before the dance floor gets busy.


The video


I really like the video, I think it takes a simple story and tells it well, with the section of story you are seeing matching the music really well. Not 100% sure what I make of the two ending part. I liked the video simple and for me it would have been nicer if it remained that way although I’m sure many people would disagree and loved it. To me however it felt a little like they had two ideas for the video and hadn’t been able to decide between the two as opposed to a clever points of view thing.


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