Spotlight on: Baek A Yeon – So-So

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Song name: So-So

Artist: Baek A Yeon

Released: 23/05/2016

Label: JYP

EP/LP Name: So-So


The song

With a slow rhythm that gradually builds and a bouncy delivery of lyrics, Baek A Yeon continues to stamp a style for herself whilst also producing variety in her music. So-So channels the slightly ‘jazzy’ style that is so popular with solo acts at the moment. The song delivers a mixture of melancholy and uplifting feelings, which match the lyrics well. Speaking of which, it is nice to see lyrics that don’t paint a relationship as the be all and end all in life!

The video

Baek A Yeon is looking beautiful in this video, with a bob haircut that suits her incredibly well. The video is fun with yet more of those muted bright colours (I spy a pattern here guys) and plays the cute factor to the max, whilst still remaining relevant to the lyrical content of the song. Also, there is a dog. Who doesn’t want more dogs in music videos….


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