Spotlight on: Beenzino – Life in Color

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Song name: Life in Color

Artist: Beenzino

Released: 26/05/2016

Label: Illionaire records

EP/LP Name: Life in Color


The song

The sound is very chill and smooth, reminiscent to me of the grime music I grew up on. In fact, I was struck by how much it fitted with that style… right down to his voice. I am so much more used to hearing a typical American hip-hop sound in Kpop that it was a pleasant departure for me.

If this sound is a sign of things to come, I am really looking forward to the next few months.

The video

The video couldn’t be more Beenzino if it tried. The box and white artefacts soon give way to the bright colours we associate with Beenzino. Beenzino is, as ever, very charismatic which is definitely a contributing factor to his success.

Again, we are struck with a video which seems to be taking inspiration from the early music videos and the experimental effects they used. I guess we can expect this trend more and more this summer.


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