Spotlight on: BESTie – Excuse me

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Song name: Excuse me

Artist: BESTie

Released: 7th May 2015

Label: YNB Entertainment

EP/LP Name Love Emotion


The song


The song is definitely on trend with those horns starting out and I love the powerful feel to the vocals. As most of you are probably aware I’m not the biggest fan of soft breathy vocals. The Chorus is super catchy, which I love and the song is a lot of fun to sing along to!


I swear all Kpop songs have to have a high note that seems to be there just to prove a point and this song is no exception although it fits much better here than in most songs. On the subject of Kpop tropes I’m not sure a rap was needed in this song, although again it isn’t too obtrusive.


The short period of breathyness before the end of the song is actually a great break to the song before a big finale although I could have done without the gratuitous vocal runs in the last part!


This is my favourite BESTie song yet and with this song I really hope these girls manage to increase their profile as they are some really talented girls.


The video


Ah the video. I’m a big fan of brightly coloured videos, there is just something about the styling that I love. The outfits in this video are on point and I want to own all of them except the stripey shorts which aren’t even flattering on these stunning girls!


The plot to the video is brilliant and whether I should laugh or not her friends reaction to her flirting with the gay guy is brilliant! The ‘story’ elements are light and fund and match the song and the girls personalities really well so good job on that front!


I love the Dance, as befits an upbeat song it’s a dance you can imagine dancing some or all the elements of yourself when the song comes on (and in fact I do).


All in all I think I have gushed rather a lot about this video but I am a sucker for simple, catchy pop music with simple, fun videos… Sorry to those of you who aren’t and just had to put up with reading this!


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