Spotlight on: Girls generation – TTS – Adrenaline (Music bank – 26/09/2104)

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Song Name: Adrenaline

Artist: Girls generation -TTS

Performance and date: Music bank – 26/09/2104

Label: SM entertainment

/EP/LP name: Holler

Other interesting Info:

  • Girls generation – TTS are a subunit of SNSD (Girls generation) consisiting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun(TaeTiSeo).


The Singing

These girls should know the score by now and it seems they do. Tiffanys voice is solid as always and Seohyun surprises me by being, I believe, the strongest singer of the group.

Taeyeon’s voice annoys me, she has the same nasally quality that Jessica has that is a typical sign of poor breath control while singing.

The Dancing/stage show

These are the best outfits I have seen TTS in for this particular comeback. Seohyun really manages to hold her own in this group and makes me wonder if the quiet maknae thing is forced onto her a bit in SNSD.

Tiffany does not dance as well as the other girls and unfortunately this is noticeable. To say she can’t dance is a little unfair, she just perhaps can’t dance as well as the others. Tiffany does grab the stage well though.

Other perfomances of this song.

TTS Showcase – 27/09/2014

M!Countdown – 18/09/2014

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