Spotlight on: Hyomin – Nicebody

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Song Name: Nice body

Artist: Hyomin

Released: 29th June 2014

Label: Core midas

EP/LP name: Nice body

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The song

Hyomin’s singing is fine, the whole song is a little higher than my normal comfortable listening but she isn’t so nasally and squeaky that it’s annoying.

The chorus is catchy, unfortunately I wouldn’t be caught dead singing it out loud due to the ridiculous lyrics.

As for the lyrics. she is NOT singing about a healthy body and how desirable one of those is to make your life easier but a nice body. As someone who spent most of my younger life with a ‘nice body’ I would have very much disliked anyone thinking I didn’t have to work as hard because of it…I did.

On top of that it’s nice to know that the record company felt her talent, intelligence or personality were worth signing about, right?

This feels like a stupid idea publicity wise considering poor T-ara’s history and doesn’t make Hyomin a likeable character.

To the people claiming this is satire, Hyomin has not approached this in a satirical way, nothing in her song rubbishes, diminishes or mocks this view and it pains me to see people besmirching the good name of satire by labelling this such.

The video

The video is ok, standard pretty girl rubbish. I might be able to take Hyomin’s song a bit more seriously if she had a nice body to be gloating about. unfortunately she seems to look like a Lego man. Sorry the girl has lots of talent, a pretty face but she is unfortunately a rectangle.

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