Spotlight on: Bigflo – Delilah

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Delilah

Artist: Bigflo

Released: 15/07/2014

Label:  HO Entertainment

EP/LP name: 

Other interesting Info:

  • Bigflo have been compared very closely to Block B.
  • Bigflo have been tipped for great success by a number of Kpop media outlets.


The song

The songs start is O.K. If standard Boyband fare, then the beat changes and the rap begins. I love a beat change. Then we get another beat change. What’s great is that these could almost be 3 different songs but they are woven together well.

all the parts repeat more than once so they feel like they belong. The Boyband part reaches a crescendo that segways into the rap/chorus which merges into the more dance pop part nicely before circling around.

The strange noised in the background that sound rather like someone clearing their throats are the only jarring bits for me.

The video

The video starts well, nice and powerful…not a fan of the tassels though.

The slide manoeuvre when the beat changes is great choreography. The dancing is nice and on point. I love the gun motion! Similar to style to Block B but with the irreverence dialled back a notch.  I Love the leg straightening dance move that punctuates the rap it’s awesome.

The part where some of them are on all floors rocking back and forth is a little weird, but is so brief you really have to be watching to notice it. The climbing the pylons seems a bit weird and out of place, but again only if you taking the time to analyse it as the video moves to fast for that to grab your attention usually.

Songs like this

Block B – Very good

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