Spotlight on: BlackPink – As If It’s Your Last


Song name: As if it’s your last

Artist: BlackPink

Released: 22/06/2017

Label: YG

EP/LP Name: As if it’s your last


The song

The song is another disjointed song utilising a few different aural thematics throughout, songs like this do not have a great success rate for me but this one works. I think because they have used the girl’s distinctly different voices to support each section so no sections sound forced to me. I know Rose’s voice is an acquired tasted and I totally get that (I mean I STILL hate Jessica of SNSD’s voice.) but I personally really love her voice, Lisa’s rap tone does grate against me but it’s hard to argue against success like that.

I love that BlackPink is rocking a mixture of tempos in their music and hope this continues. I can hear very acutely why people see 2NE1 2.0 and all the girls can do really is ride that wave until they are established in their own right.

The video

The Video has stuck to  BlackPink’s formula of bright colours and faux-punk styling. It’s cute and breezy whilst at least imitating an edge. Personally, the only member who pulls of any edginess for me is Jennie who is a stand out star of the group. Rose (whom I LOVE) seems doomed to a lifetime of skirts bought from sex shops while Lisa looks like a little girl playing dress-up, something which does no justice to how beautiful she is. That all being said, overall it seems to just work. I don’t know why but it does.

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