Spotlight on: Blackpink – Boombayah


Song name: Boombayah

Artist: Blackpink

Released: 0/08/2016

Label: YG Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Square One

The song

A More upbeat outing than whistle, and the song of the two where I can hear the 2NE1 comparisons in places. Again the song  utilises (In my opinion) just the right amount of the English fluency in the group, although I’d be interested how a native Korean speaker feels about it. The ‘arabic’ sound thing is starting to get a bit overplayed in Kpop, although it’s hard to me mad at blackpink for it when everyone else is doing it to.

The rap is nice, I like both the girls voices the two vocalists compliment each other beautifully in this song. Again the line distribution is a thing of beauty and something that small groups have a much better chance of keeping relatively even assuming one member doesn’t become astronomically more popular than the others.

The video

Similar colour schemes to their other video, and similar styling. This suits me because I like both of these things, however I hope Black Pink shake it up a bit in their future Music Video releases.

The girls look fantastic, although I really want to see more of the choreo than the video shows as all four are great dancers. I love the fact you can see a semblance of tan on the girls, commitment to the video styling over Korean beauty standards makes me happy!  This video really shows ‘pretty girls who do hip-hop’ to me, so I guess YG is probably happy!

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