Spotlight on: Blackpink – Whistle


Song name: Whistle

Artist: Blackpink

Released: 0/08/2016

Label: YG Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Square One

The song

Ignoring that I think the opening lyrics are awful and do no credit the English language skills this group posts, I like the song. It’s more ‘chill’ than  I was expecting from their debut and it has a very western sound, particularly when Rose sings.

YG has done nothing to hide the English language status of group members and make them more ‘Korean’ and I like this. the 2 rappers to 2 singers balance is interesting and I wonder how this will play out in future releases. Jisoo has a voice that fits remakably well with the korean mainstream, something YG artists often lack and Rose balances that out nicely.

I can actually tell all the girls apart by voice, which for me is an unusual thing (not as a disparagement to other groups, more a disparagement to my ability to distinguish voices) and really shows that they have an opportunity to develop individual personas.

The video

With a colour scheme reminiscent of Big Bangs ‘Bang Bang Bang’ YG are defintitely continuing to stamp their own theme onto their artists. Something SM have done for sometime but I feel is actually an area YG are stronger at. Flashing lights make this not very photosenstive friendly and I do find it difficult to watch.


The outfits are amazing, I always get worried about YG artists when it comes to styling but they have really pulled it off here. The ‘Floating scenes’ are really beautiful, although I am sure they must have been very uncomfotable to film and the car scene has some lighter moments to balance the video out.

Of course, theres a little random s tuff thrown in like a horse so that we know it is YG…

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