Spotlight on: Lee Hyori and CL – Bad girls/Baddest female

Song Name: Bad girls/Baddest female

Artist: Lee Hyori/ CL (2NE1)

Performance and date: SBS Gayo Daejeon 29/12/2013

Label:B2M entertainment/YG entertainment

EP/LP name: N/A

Other interesting Info:

  • CL’s ‘The baddest female’ was originally going to be called ‘Bad girls’ but was  changed at the last minute due to the release of Lee Hyori’s ‘Bad girls’
  • Lee Hyori was a member of the Girl group Fin.K.L


The Singing

Both these ladies really know how to put on a show. Hyori’s performance was super polished sounding especially. One of CL’s trademarks is the rawness you hear to her live performances and you can really hear that here.

Despite the parallels between these two ladies their musical styles are very different and so it is all the more impressive how easily they adapted into each others songs.

The Dancing/stage show

Was incredible, just getting these two ladies onto the stage would surely have been a hit but they did a brilliant job of actually weaving the songs together rather than just getting one to sing then the other (although there is still an element of that.) The dancers are great and both ladies really  throw them selves into the performance.

I’ve never really seen Lee Hyori as a great dancer but she held her own with the ‘bad girl’ themed choreo and all in all it is a testament to the people who choreograph and arrange these shows that it was pulled off so well.

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