Spotlight on: CLC – No Oh Oh

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Song name: No Oh Oh

Artist: CLC

Released: 29/05/2016

Label: Cube Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Nu:Clear


The song

The song sticks to CLC being very bouncy and upbeat, but still not up to the standard of ‘Pepe’ and ‘Like’ for me.  This is a soft upbeat track made for summer. It’s catchy and repetitive, as a summer song should be, but considering the addition of new members, it feels like it doesn’t really showcase the members as well as it could, in part due to its repetitive nature.

It’s a solid outing, much like CLC’s past songs. I just hope the label accept that making random changes left, right and centre to try and get an overnight success is not a good move for these girls. Let them release a couple of solid songs like this WITHOUT accompanying ‘controversy’ and build a stronger fan base please.

This song definitely feels like a grower – if you don’t like it on first listen… give it a chance.


The video

The video is bright and colourful, seemingly a theme for summer girl group releases. The dance is bouncy and we have the on-trend denim outfits and ‘oversized’ clothing look that makes those of us who remember the 90’s twitch a bit. It’s ok – the girls’ stationary is oversized too.

I predict a reasonable amount of group dance covers for this song and the dance is a definite strength. Over the next couple of months as schools and universities break up, we generally see a slew of groups of people (girls particularly) producing dance covers and this dance seems to be a good balance of easy to identify steps, whilst also looking pretty polished.

As often happens with Kpop, some of the individual scenes seem a little out of place, but the dance is really a place where the extra members are put to use. In-sync dances like this look fantastic with more than 5 members in the group.



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