Spotlight on: CoreMagaZine – Blue and Yellow


Song name: Blue and Yellow

Artist: CoreMagaZine

Released: 18/05/2016


EP/LP Name: Blue and Yellow


The song

Heavy, dirty guitar overlaid with synth rhythm is a sure-fire way to get my attention and this is no exception. The singer’s voice, slightly accented, is perfect for the song and takes me right back to the music I grew up on.

Like all good rock songs, there is a guitar solo and a catchy, easy to sing hook. The sound equates to the type of rock music I put in my head as ‘stripper rock’. Grubby rock music that you could dance around a stripper pole to and that is just how I like my rock.

This is exactly the kind of song I could see myself repeatedly playing on Rock Band, playing out my childhood fantasies of rock stardom.

The video

Politically charged and relating the Sewol Ferry tragedy with black and white newsreel clips of the disaster and following protests, the video would not be out of place with a classic RATM track and is a refreshing change from the typical chart rock video featuring rock acts playing unplugged instruments and proving they are edgy by acting like, well, rockstars.


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