Spotlight on: D.Holic – Color Me Rad


Song name: Color Me Rad

Artist: D.Holic

Released: 29/07/2016

Label: HMate Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Color Me Rad

The song

The song is very disjointed. I normally like the ‘broke down’ kind of sound but in this case it doesn’t feel like transitions  were handled very well. That being said I like all the individual parts of the song, particularly the chorus and this has been enough to redeem the song for me although I can certainly see why It might put people off. The verses sound very much like they could belong to any summer club music song… not bad but not stand out either. The chorus is where this song redeems itself with a more interesting beat and vocals that stray from the typical dance music breathy thing.

The video

The video is possibly a secret strength of D.Holic. They keep the videos simple and with a reasonable production level, this lets them avoid the pitfall of so many other small groups in looking overly cheap. None of their videos are likely to win any innovation awards but they are realistic for the resources available and likely to meet the quality standards for TV stations – something many groups have fallen foul of in recent times.

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