Spotlight on: Daytime drinking

Daytime drinking, now a number 1 hobby of mine, is also a film!


Noh Young Seok


Song Sam Dong, Yook Sang Yeob, Kim Kang Hee, Lee Ran Hee, Shin Un Seop, Tak Seoung Jun


Release date

5th February 2009


A comedy film, Daytime Drinking centres on a young man who, after a break up, is convinced by his friends they should all go on a seaside getaway. He arrives, not only stood up by his friends, but also in a town where everything is closed up. He’s unable to get home and gets drawn into the strange rules of drinking in South Korea with some rather strange locals and ends up nursing a never ending hangover.

My Thoughts

So yeah this was…something. Maybe I’m not intellectual enough. The best way to I have to describe this is it’s definitely a ‘film festival comedy’ don’t expect belly laughs from it.

I found a few moments funny but mostly I just found it boring I’m afraid, I stuck out the whole film just in case something engaged me but it didn’t.

The last ten minutes or so were hilarious, the hour and fifty minutes before….not so much.

Maybe I’m a member of the instant gratification generation and someone a bit more ‘high -brow’ would enjoy it?

Seen the film? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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