Spotlight on: Dramaworld

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Genre: Sitcom

Starring: Liv Hewson (Claire Duncan), Sean Dulake (Joon Park), Justin Chon (Seth Ko) and Bae Noo Ri (Seo Yeon).

Channel: Viki

Number of episodes: 10

Episode length: 20 Mins

Recommended to: Kdrama fans, fans of fourth wall breaking and self-deprecating humour.

NOT recommended to: People who take the world of Kdrama’s too seriously.

Plot outline

Claire Duncan is just a normal Kdrama fan girl leading and ordinary life until she is sucked into Dramaworld, where the stories are alive and ‘facilitators’ keep them alive and are responsible for ensuring all drama end with true love’s kiss. While she is there we get to explore the best K-drama tropes whilst also realising things are not all they seem…


I went into this show fully expecting to hate it. I thought it would be terrible and painful to watch and just a big nod to fangirls and you know what? It is all of that. It’s also a witty and silly interpretation of all those things we have been turning into memes since we got into dramas. It’s web drama so it’s short, easily binge-able. Don’t expect any surprising revelations here, that would go against the very essence of the show. If you have been a drama fan for a while though I guarantee some of the quotes will be so relatable you’ll be snorting your drink in amusement.

Have you watched this drama? Let me know in the comments below what you thought or ask me any questions!

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