Spotlight on: Entertainer

Hangul: 딴따라

Other names:

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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Starring: Ji Sung (Shin Seok Ho), Kang Min Hyuk (Jo Ha Neul), Lee Hyeri (Jung Geu Rin), and Chae Jung An (Yeo Min Ju).

Channel: SBS

Number of episodes: 18

Episode length: 60 Mins

Recommended to: Comedy fans, character driven stories.

NOT recommended to: Romance lovers.

Plot outline

A School-aged boy is falsely convicted of sexual assault, at some point during his sentence (served as a probation rather than jail time) he is ‘scouted’ by a record exec whose business is not going to plan who intends to set up a temporary band to salvage his situation. the story follows that band and their agency through the highs and lows as we uncover more about the original crime.


A quick search for this show online will not give you favourable reviews. I find this surprising, the show was warm and funny with the just the right amount of emotional scenes for me, some of the ‘single dad’ scenes teared me up. Most of the criticism focuses around Hyeri’s acting which I found to be tolerable and appropriate for the character and certainly better than some of the ‘iconic’ actresses K-drama fans seem to love. This was my first experience of Ji Sung and was why I went to seek out more of him as, to be honest, his acting stood out compared to typical Kdrama acting.

I love how the show didn’t need to entirely put a bow on everything at the end, with some elements of the story left to play out in your own mind and some wrapped up by the show. Kpop fans should enjoy the nods to the shady agencies but drama fans may be disappointed with how side-lined the romance is in this story. Don’t get me wrong it is an ever prevalent plot device but I felt you are more invested in the band than the romance at all points in the show and this certainly feels intended.

All in all, this drama probably wouldn’t be top of my list to race to watch but was a fun binge and would be perfect for a warm spring evening ‘light’ watch.


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