Spotlight on: Epik High – Don’t hate me


Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Don’t hate me

Artist: Epik High

Released: 19th October 2012

Label: YG Entertainment

EP/LP name: 99

Other interesting Info:

  • Epik High were originally signed with Wooliment, lable of Infinite.


The song

The song has a classic Pop punky feel to it and is very catchy, Tablo is Canadian Korean and you will be able to tell from the familiarity of his accent. I defy you to not be singing along and jumping around to this song, it’s infectious!

The video

You can certainly tell it was released in the run up to Halloween, although little GaGa is super adorable and Little GD had me in stitches. A lot of the ‘Halloween’ elements seem a bit gratuitous but the video very much matches the song by being a bit crazy and fun.

I want Tablo’s hat.

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Like the song or hate it?

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