Spotlight on: EXID – L.I.E

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Song name: L.I.E

Artist: EXID

Released: 31/05/2016

Label: Banana Culture

EP/LP Name: Street


The song

The girls promised something different this time, perhaps conscious of criticism that their last few tracks sounded very similar, and boy did they deliver. It has a disjointed sound that, whilst more and more common in KPop, remains a marmite factor – you either love it or hate it. I am in the love it camp, I love these ‘broken’ sounding songs that juxtapose different sounds.

The song still sounds resolutely EXID, I think in part due to Solji’s distinctive voice which I am glad they have still allowed her to showcase in this song… I feel like it is very much a part of EXID’s signature now. LE’s rap was perhaps the most disappointing to me, maybe because I have come to expect so much and the focus was much less on LE this time round.

There’s a catchy hook and some belted notes in there, so I am hoping that it will be a hit for the girls. That said, it isn’t your typical summer hit, which is the music it is going to be coming up against now, so it remains to be seen if the public elevate this track or if EXID will have to settle for lower honours.

The video

L.I.E’s video is weird, in a good way. It doesn’t even put on a pretence of normality with the creepy masks on the guests setting the scene straight away. Then, as we see Hani, a real ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ feel kicks in. Hani looks stunning in this video – the hair cut suits her so well.

I have no idea how the varying events in the video tie into each other, or even if they do, and I can’t pretend I even really care. The video is delightfully abstract and odd and I think I prefer to enjoy it that way especially as it accentuates that broken-down sound so well.

It’s a colourful mismatch and anything hyper-bright seems to appeal to me, but isn’t always that popular with the more conservative crowd.

Junghwa OWNS this comeback for me and with a couple of dance breaks for her to showcase herself, she has really stepped up. I have always loved Junghwa and am so glad to see her taking a prominent role again!



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