Spotlight on: Fei Fantasy


Song name: Fantasy

Artist: Fei

Released: 20/07/2016

Label: JYP Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Fantasy

The song

Despite not delivering on the promise of Britpop (I think Koreans must use the term differently) this song does not disappoint. DOn’t let the 19 rating put you off, this didn’t feel ‘try hardish’ in the way some 19 ratings can. To me the song sounds like Miss A on steroids. It has the same bouncing beats that wouldn’t sound unusual in a Miss A song, but with an EDM edge that tips just over the maturity level Miss A are currently at. The song suits Fei well, plays to her strengths and carves a musical ID for her.

Sadly the song is unlikely to achieve the success sit deserves. The South China sea issue has affect Fei heavily and she isn’t able to rely on South East Asian public support.


The video

The video is both a hit and a miss to me. The VR world idea is great and fei looks STUNNING. The VR theme fit’s with EDM/R&B sound, if this was a video game it would get bonus points for sound matching theme. Fei’s pinks hair is off-puttingly odd to me, I don’t know if it was to fit the grimy futuristic thing or a style choice but, for me, it’s a miss on Fei. The hoop work is fantastic and showcases Fei’s limbs, it’s a shame we don’t see more of it in the live performances.

At times I think the attempts to create that grimy, dystopian feel try too hard and it just comes off bad-looking, or maybe it’s just bad… who knows?

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