Spotlight on: Fiestar – Apple Pie

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Song name: Apple Pie

Artist: Fiestar

Released: 30/05/2016

Label: Loen Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Apple Pie


The song

…seems to have divided fans, some of whom wanted them to keep up their darker, more sultry sound. I am a big fan of the darker sounding songs, but I love this release! We are very nearly into summer now and this seems a lot more appropriate for the charts at this time of year. It has a REALLY catchy hook (possibly helped with the liberal use of English) and the ‘hahahaha’ parts, for me, add a manic edge to the song which stops it from settling on too cute and sweet.

One of the things I like about Fiestar’s variety in their comebacks is that despite having some distinctively different members, they all get some time to shine. Yezi’s rap is a pleasant surprise and doesn’t feel nearly as forced as I was worried it might. That being said, I think the song could have done without a rap part at all.

The video

…is back to a bright and quirky style for Fiestar – perfect for summer and a departure from their last couple of releases.  The outfits are amazing. I want to own every single one of them and the girls look incredible. I think I have mentioned before how much I love bright, colourful videos and while they are still a trend at the moment, I haven’t been saturated by enough of them to be bored of them yet.

The girls pull a great performance and their facial expressions really do draw you in. Without this sparkle and engagement from the girls, the video could easily have come off a bit ‘cardboard cutout’-like and they nicely sidestep that.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the fan comments that the air hostess scenes are AOA-reminiscent and whilst that is true, it is a pretty standard joke set up and fans might well be over-thinking an excuse to dress a girl group member up as an air hostess.

There is definitely an injection of humour, which fits well with the image Cao Lu has been presenting in her variety show appearances – something the group are clearly monopolising on at the moment – right down to an appearance from her ‘We Got Married’ husband, Jo Se Ho!



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