Spotlight on: F(x) – Nu Abo

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Nu Abo

Artist: F(x)

Released: 4th May 2010

LabelSM Entertainment

EP/LP name: Nu Abo

Other interesting Info:

  • Krystal from F(x) is Jessica from SNSD’s little sister.
  • Victoria is Chinese.


The song

The song is a very typical F(x) song, Catchy and danceable. Rap intertwined really well. I challenge you to NOT sing the ‘Unnie’ Line very loudly while listening to it. and if all else fails nanananana is pretty universal!

The video

The video is actually fairly interesting, especially by SM’s standards. The outfit choices are bizarre at best, that being said I’ve never been  fan of this hiphop trend for terrible clashing colours and patterns and F(x) at least are consistent with their wardrobe choices.

I like the dance, simple but more hip hop and less dance music style.

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