Spotlight on: Gain – Carnival

Song name: Carnival

Artist: Gain

Released: 08/09/2016

Label: Apop Entertainment

EP/LP Name: End Again


The song

I have to admit, that my first thought listening to this was how much like IU’s ‘The Red Shoes’ it was and it would seem that the internet agrees based on the comments. The song isn’t bad, but it is bland and contrary to what I would expect from Gain. Whilst Gain is always experimental with her sound, this does not seem to be working for her and for me was a forgettable outing.

The video

So ignoring my dislike for ‘school girl blush’ make up, it is nice to see Gain without the trademark heavy eye. The styling for this video overall though seems lazy and poorly though out. With a song called ‘Carnival’ with an up-tempo beat like this there were so many opportunities with the video that I feel were missed in favour of conforming to a pre-decided style.

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