Spotlight on: Gfriend – Navillera


Song name: Navillera

Artist: Gfriend

Released: 10/07/2016

Label: Source Music

EP/LP Name: L.O.L

The song

I have nothing against groups with a very specific sound, even if it can be a bit repetitive. If you like a groups sound it almost guarantees you will like most of their releases. Unfortunately if like me you weren’t a fan of it, it will mean you are unlikely to enjoy any of their songs. I am aware I am in a very small minority who don’t like the songs and so I am sure that Gfriend won’t be shedding any tears over it but it does mean the same problem for me on this track.

It has all the Gfriend signatures, from the synth drum to the electric heavy dance break and is sure to be a hit.

The video

Has a the same washed out retro vibe and cute themes we associate with Gfriend, but the camera work seems greatly improved to me and the aegyo is it a pretty good level. I really enjoyed this video as simple cutesy. The girls extend the Gfriend motif with their now staple kick steps that girl groups will be doing on variety shows for months.

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