Spotlight on: Guckkasten – Pulse


Song name: Pulse

Artist: Guckkasten

Released: 07/07/2016

Label: Interpark

EP/LP Name: –


The song

Really showcases the vocal talent going on here, from deep whispers to screeching high notes, Guckkasten does not lack for a talented vocalist. The group certainly benefit from being the primary contemporary exponents of their sound, although this is certainly one of their more mainstream friendly songs with echo’s of Seo Taiji in their sound. Pointing out that this is a more mainstream friendly release is by no means an attempt to detract form it, the band frequently explore the entire breadth of their musical style and sometimes this can lead to borderline chart friendly hits and sometimes it can amble into the experimental and this is something I love about the group.


The video

Guckkasten pride themselves on the visual themes that go with their music, often employing them on stage too. While this is far from their wildest art outing it is nice to see them still employing elements of visual artistry that add to, rather than distract from the song.


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