Spotlight on: Gugudan – Wonderland


Song name: Wonderland

Artist: Gugudan

Released: 27/06/2016

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Act 1: The Little Mermaid


The song

The song is cutesy, but not to a saccharin absorbed level that makes it hard to swallow. The slightly squeaky aegyo voices are present, but so is a drum beat and a chorus sung in a more ‘normal’ singing voice. It’s catchy do, I defy you to not sing the chorus by the second listen. That being said I would personally prefer the song if it was song in stronger, less twee voices. it’s very reminiscent for me of early noughties bubble-gum pop in the west.

The video

Gugudan get bonus points from me for their risky choreography, choosing  to do a non-synchronous routine. I love K-Pop for it’s dance but the focus on synchronicity often means we see very similar routines recurring. The outfits, however, are tragic. I have no idea how wrapping them in foil was supposed to symbolise mermaidness rather than packed lunches.

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