Spotlight on: Heize – Shut Up and Groove

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Song name: Shut Up and Groove

Artist: Heize Feat. DEAN

Released: 01/06/2016

Label: CJ E&M

EP/LP Name: Shut Up and Groove


The song

So I approached this song with some trepidation, as I am not a Heize fan. My first surprise? Heize singing. I was expecting her to open with a rap and I am not disappointed by the surprise. Heize has a surprisingly pleasant singing voice which compliments DEAN on what it turns out is a wonderfully smooth R&B track underpinned with a heavy, bouncing baseline.

Heize does rap in the song, somewhat briefly, but her singing really steals the show. The song is catchy and smooth and sure to have you all body rolling in your seat. Some of the commenters are suggesting Heize may face backlash for singing for this song. I don’t pretend to understand the logic behind any type of music fandom, but I certainly hope this is hyperbole as this song is fantastic and she deserves no hate for having more than one talent!

The video

The video is very typical of the genre – simple fashions, cruising in a car and city lights shining – made slightly more amusing as DEAN does not actually drive… no matter what lifestyle the video is trying to sell you! The video is simple, but appropriate for the genre and not all songs need to be visual extravaganzas.

Honestly, the random smashing and fire scenes seem really out of place, a little bit like someone panicked at the simplicity of the video and so threw them in for the fun of it, but that is a small complaint about an otherwise solid release.


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