Spotlight on: Heyne – Love007

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Song Name: Love007

Artist: Heyne

Released: 4th December 2013

Label: Loent

EP/LP name: Love007

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The song

Is a very bubbly up beat romp. It’s a heavy synth pop sound right down to Heyne’s heavily synthed voice. Like most pop songs it relies heavily on repetition. The gimmick to Heyne is she sings her ENTIRE songs in that same squeaky high pitched voice that is a favourite of Aegyo (cute) groups in Korea.

As you can probably tell I’m not a fan. I don’t like the slightly creepy grown women as little girls thing at the best of times so this really isn’t up my street.

It has very J-pop sound to me and a brief search for Heyne suggests to me the internet agrees as she seems to primarily be featured on international fan sites that focus on J-pop.

The video

OK So Heyne get’s some points for the attempt at plot In a video, although the tone of the plot based elements doesn’t seem to really match the rest of the song.

It was also a little weird to me that they dress her up to look very young then have a much older looking man hitting on her?

The straightened hair look is great on her and makes her look more age appropriate for me. I quite like the outfits, the choreography however was every cute cliche going.

The video takes a slightly sinister turn at the end, it feels like maybe their were two creative directors who had a fight for this one and that’s why it looks like two completely different videos glued together.

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Do you love it? Let me know in the comments!


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