Spotlight on: Hyuna – How’s This?


Song name: How’s This?

Artist: Hyuna

Released: 31/07/2016

Label: Cube Entertainment

EP/LP Name: A’wesome

The song

The song is a pretty good interpretation of the grime genre in my opinion, with just enough of Hyuna’s pop flair to stand out as a Hyuna song. That all being said I am disappointed with this song. To me it feels like a strong album track but not a lead single. I had thought my opinion would change on repeat listens but it just doesn’t. The song isn’t bad, do not get me wrong, but it lacks the extra push I expect from a Hyuna lead single, including a super catchy hook somewhere

The video

Is people dancing a club, it’s hard to go far wrong with that. Contrary to what some YouTube comments would have you believe it would seem they have toned down the sexualness since ‘roll deep’ or at least distanced Hyuna herself from the more extreme ends of it leaving that to the more anonymous cast of her video.

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