Spotlight on: Block B – Jackpot

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Song Name: Jackpot

Artist: Block B

Released: 14th April 2014

Label: 7 Seasons

EP/LP name: Jackpot (Repackaged into HER) 

Other interesting Info:

  • The release was cancelled shortly after the Music video was released due to the Sewol ferry tragedy. the physical sales already made were honoured, and the first run was sold however no further CD runs were printed and the song was never available for digital download. The song was part of the later HER album though.


The song

Zico’s opening rap is one of my favourite parts to this song. He really is the feel of this song personified. I love the rhythm changes, on the first few listens it felt a bit jarring but now it is one of the main things that has kept this song feeling fresh to listen to.

Park Kyung says aaaaiiight. So all is right with his part :P Just kidding. Park Kyung is such a little bias slayer and this song is no exception.

The use of PO’s gravelly voice in such an unusual way was a pleasant surprise and a credit to the song writing and arrangement.

Jaehyo doesn’t get many lines in this song, unsurprisingly as the feel of this song isn’t where his strengths lie but he is a solid performer as always.

The video

The video opening is super creepy and Kim Sae Ron looks beautiful, it certainly is no predictor of the manic fun to follow although it nicely set’s up the segue from ‘Very good’.

Zico’s opening with Sae Ron is perfectly manically crazy, and I love the part where is is a puppet, she does an AMAZING job of that scene and really makes it.

PO’s part is odd to me who is more familiar with their Nillilli Mambo days, but he pulls it off perfectly.

Taleil’s cutlery carry over from very good is a a cute touch.

Then were are back to scary with her being chased around the carpark, this is broken off quite nicely with Park Kyungs Maniacal knife throwing act complete with one rather scared looking Sae Ron. and a lovely hypnotic parasol.

Maybe she was scared for her random haircut  scene. The dancing scenes in coloured suits match the song well and I love the the Choreography highlights Kyung’s ‘Jackpot’ line however the dark room dancing scenes and Zico and PO’s Duet scene feel a little out of place.

I am impressed that in this video they found a role to suit Jaehyo’s character and his escorting Sae Ron is a lovely way to do this.

The big multi dance finale feels perfect and Sae Ron’s evident change to no long fearing these Crazy Oppa’s is a nice touch to end on.

And Block B’s almost trademark chipmunk speed up to nod to the fans is the icing on the cake.

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