Spotlight on: Kara – Pandora

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Pandora

Artist: Kara

Released: 22nd August 2012

LabelDSP media

EP/LP name: Pandora

Other interesting Info:

  • Kara’s line up has changed much this year (2013-2014) but they plan to carry on with a new line up, so fingers crossed for them


The song

The song is a very typical synthpop song, catchy chorus with a low volume of word to learn, lots of repetition and a girl belted out high notes at the end of verses.

It is done well and it is nice to hear all the girls singing with different voices, the rap breakdown doesn’t have to break the song to fit in which is always a bonus.

The video

The video s pretty cool, it matches a synthpop song well by using shot of interesting lighting, or lighting over interesting objects. I really like the girls dance, and the costumes are simple. The whole concept  looks very mature and polished.

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