Spotlight on: Kill Me, Heal Me

Hangul: 킬미, 힐미

Other names:

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Genre: Rom-Com

Starring: Ji Sung(Cha Do Hyun, Shin Se Gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo Na, Ahn Yo Seob, NaNa, Mr X), Hwang Jung Eum(Oh Ri Jin), Park Seo Joon(Oh Ri On), Oh Min Sook (Cha Ki Joon), Kim Yoo Ri (Han Chae Yeon).

Channel: MBC

Number of episodes: 20

Episode length: 60 Mins

Recommended to: Newbies to dramas, lovers of comedy, people who place emphasis on quality of acting.

NOT recommended to: People who like ‘serious’ plots, people who prefer realistic stories.

Plot outline

Kill Me, Heal Me follows the story of a Chaebol heir (Cha Do Hyung) who has a dark past that his brain is trying to protect him from. Whilst building up these defences his brain ‘fractures’ into multiple personalities whose original role was to deal with the harsh memories for him. Over time though these personalities create many problems for Do Hyung that he is required to clear up after. His life becomes entwined with that of Oh Ri Jin who is a psychiatric doctor and her brother Oh Ri On who is a mystery writer.


When I started to watch K-dramas and quite quickly got to ‘Gap Dong’ I honestly thought no K-drama would ever surpass that. It’s hard to compare as they are from completely different genres and have very different feels but I think ‘Kill me, Heal me’ may at least come equal. I had come to this show as I had just watched ‘Entertainer’ and found myself very impressed with Ji Sung’s acting. I had looked up what else he had been in and this came highly recommended!

Ji Sung is clearly a very talented actor and a lot more subtle in his acting than we see in the melodrama type actors. Despite the premise of this show being, to be frank, downright ridiculous I found his character very endearing and, with exception of Yo Na, carefully underplayed. I found a lot of the plot reveals to be fairly predictable with one notable exception being the name Cha Do Hyun part, it was pretty obvious who the other kid in the basement was but the name part was a pleasant surprise..


The rest of the cast were fantastic and the relationship between Ri Jin and her family is adorable. I – as always in K-drama- found some of the familial infantilising of her as an adult woman frustrating (for example when they won’t let her out of her bedroom) but perhaps not so much as in other dramas. Her inevitable drunk acting was hilarious and had me squirming with second-hand embarrassment in my seat.

All-in-all this was a really top tier drama, as a rom-com it’s an ‘easy’ watch and would be a great way to introduce someone new, but receptive, to K-dramas to. A hesitant watcher might be put off by the silly premise so exercise caution when recommending!


Have you watched this drama? Let me know in the comments below what you thought or ask me any questions!

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