Spotlight on: Ladies code – Pretty pretty

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Pretty Pretty

Artist: Ladies code

Released: 03/09/2013

Label: Polaris entertainment

EP/LP name: Code #2 Pretty pretty

Other interesting Info:

  • 2 members of the group (EunB and RiSE) unfortunately passed away in a car accident involving all the girls in September 2014


The song

The song is super upbeat and bouncy, the  Yeppeo in the chorus is just the right amount of  repetition.

Each of the girls verses are nicely unique and it’s nice to see such a good distribution of screen time in a girl group.

I particularly enjoy RiSe’s verse, something about the lyrics make then very sing along for me as a non native speaker.

The video

Is brightly coloured and matches the song well. I find the plastic outfits a bit odd but the dance is great fun to copy and simple to pick up some basics from. The various sets are bright and simple making this video a particularly fun one to watch.

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