Spotlight on: Luna – Free Somebody

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Song name: Free Somebody

Artist: Luna

Released: 30/05/2016

Label: SM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Free Somebody


The song

SM really are loving the electronic sound right now, and with powerful vocals overlayed, there is a very 90’s feel to the anthemic ‘Free Somebody’. This is not what I would necessarily have expected from Luna, but considering the recent releases by SM it makes a whole lot of sense. Luna’s vocal performance is fantastic, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Luna.

Definitely more of a club track than a pop track. I will certainly be adding this to my music collection, but don’t really feel myself needing to sing or dance along to it.

There is a real commitment to the electronic sound, with the synth prevalent through out the entire instrumental rather than just the baseline as we have seen in other songs peeking into the genre as of late.

The anthemic sound and positively-messaged hook feel like they are promoting a message, whilst stopping short of ever actually pushing a message to the forefront… a wise move in the controversy-obsessed world of Kpop.

The video

The video couldn’t be more perfect for the song if it tried, from Luna’s poker straight hair and Moschino outfit, to the ‘bright pastels’ of the animated sequences that throw me back to 90’s TV intro sequences. This video is so reminiscent of some of the earlier playing-with-video-technology that the electronic genre championed, for better and (often) for worse.

Luna herself looks incredibly different having lost even more weight, and whilst I don’t want to debate the rights and wrong of Kpop weight loss in a video review, it is worth noting there was a conscious decision to lose weight, perhaps this was to match an aesthetic the video was going for?

Also, if someone wants to explain the whole thing with DHL t-shirts to me, that’d be great!



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