Spotlight on: Map6 – Swagger Time

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Song name: Swagger Time

Artist: MAP6

Released: 23/05/2016

Label: Dream Tea

EP/LP Name: Swagger Time


The song

This is more the boy group sound I like – I prefer the more hip-hop inspired groups to the fresh faced flower boys. MAP6’s song includes the more interesting and creative use of noise that I love in K-Pop. Definitely still at the poppier end of Kpop, the song showcases a number of different voices that sound clearly distinct, which is a big bonus for me in Kpop.

The song does however feel a bit like someone followed a ‘recipe’ for a comeback like this and lacks a bit of the soul and individuality I like in releases. It’s a solid release and will definitely get replayed by me, but not quite a ‘stand out’ track.

The video

As with most nugu and rookie boy groups, the song is heavily choreography focused, which is definitely a strength in this case. I REALLY like the choreo to this song and adding the choreo to the overall picture definitely knocks the song up a notch. The styling and set design are simple, colourful and on point… A tip to other Kpop groups – you do not need to use EVERY prop in the store for your video!


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