Spotlight on: Melody Day – Color


Song name: Color

Artist: Melody Day

Released: 30/06/2016

Label: LOEN Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Color


The song

The song is upbeat with the help of some brass. It’s definitively pop but still allows the girls to show off their powerful singing voices a little. The song itself gives me faintly Mamamoo feels, perhaps just because of the musical genres it encompasses. I personally feel the song did not need any rap, although I am probably a minority there as the Kpop philosophy seems to be to add rap to everything!

The video

The video is a lot of fun, Another fun in the sun video with obligatory car wash scene, the ‘colouring in’ motif is fun and the girls play with it well. The dance shows some interaction with the girls which is a logical step as none of the girls are, to my knowledge, extra outstanding dancers, and this lets them stand out in a positive way.

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