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Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: My Copycat

Artist: Orange Caramel

Released: 17th August 2014

Label: Pledis

EP/LP name: My Copycat

Other interesting Info:

  • Orange caramel are a sub-unit of After school


The song

Is a super fun bouncy beat that Orange caramel are famous for. The saxophone/trumpet to the beat adds a jazzy element to the song and the bouncing dance that they use is what the beat will have you almost instinctively doing.

I am not a fan of the cutsey voices (particularly on Nana.) I find them far too nasally and annoying. To each their own I guess.

The video

The video is genius beginning with a  spot the difference challenge The Costumes are bright and the choreo super cute and simple to learn as we would expect from Orange Caramel. The spot the difference is interspersed with mass group scenes filled with crazy goings on and far too much to take in with one watch (Well done Pledis!).

As a bonus there are some Pledis stars hidden in the mass scenes fro you to identify and spot.

I’ll bet you thought that would be it for one video? NO! there also a few mass scenes where ‘where’s wally’ style you can find and locate the group members.

Pledis definitely wanted to give you reason to rewatch this video, and it works!

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