Spotlight on: O21 – Show Me

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Song name: Show Me

Artist: O21

Released: 21/06/2016

Label: Loen Entertainment, FNC China

EP/LP Name: Show Me


The song

Kpop rap intro aside I really like the song, It has a strong beat and the girls have distinctly different voices, something I think works well with these types of concepts. The breathy ‘show me, show me’ juxtaposes the powerful rap verses really well and shows the potential versatility of the girls in the group. From this song alone it would seem most of the members are not going to blow anyone away with phenomenal vocals (except maybe one member) but it’s a solid performance, it will be interesting to see how closely a true live matches this.

I like that the rap isn’t all squeaky voiced as is in vogue for female Kpop rappers. The song itself is VERY catchy and had it been released by an established group I strongly believe it would have been instantly successful.

The video

The video isn’t breaking any boundaries in Kpop, fast cuts between different outfits of the choreo and individual scenes showing the girls languishing in opulent environments. The girls look beautiful, despite the YouTube comments all being about plastic surgery I think the girls look unique enough to identify which I find rare in Kpop due to the narrow beauty standard as much as the prevalence of plastic surgery.

I really like the dance, it is relatively simple allowing for dance cover artists to ply their trade even at the amateur level and the ‘show me, show me’ wiggle is fantastic. The video clearly has a higher production quality than a lot of new groups get outside the big 3 so hopefully this will work in their favour. The butt slapping fan service is sure to get some people on board too!



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