Spotlight on: Oh My Girl – Listen To My Word (A-ing)


Song name: Listen To My Word

Artist: Oh My Girl

Released: 31/07/2016

Label: WM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Listen To My Word

The song

1st up, it’s a cover version and very much that, You can’t even really call it a remake as it is so faithful to the original. Skull&HaHa always cheer me up and I love their inclusion. the song itself is cute and upbeat and it’s nice to see older songs being showcased by new artists. Especially when the music of that era is cycling around again! Mimi’s rap is the main change and is handled really well, credit to Mimi she does and amazing job and being a  rapper who fits with the groups sound!

The video

Is cute and upbeat. I love the way Oh My Girl are presented and this video is not exception. Some of the school uniforms would not be my preferred outfit choice but they aren’t the worst offenders either. I’ve seen people say the choreo is too simple, but it’s no simpler than some of GFriend’s choreo that seem so beloved so I think we might have people looking for problems there.

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