Spotlight on: Oh My Girl – Windy Day

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Song name: Windy Day

Artist: Oh My Girl

Released: 25/05/2016

Label: WM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Windy Day (Pink Ocean Repackage)


The song

Soft and bright, this is nothing earth-shattering for Oh My Girl’s image, but does take them dangerously close in competition to rookie powerhouses GFriend and Lovelyz. In my opinion, Oh My Girl are pulling ahead of the rest of the rookie competition and ‘Windy Day’ furthers that.

‘Windy Day’ is somewhat more adventurous than the offerings of the other groups, in my opinion, and breaks up the delicate girl group sound with an Arabic-style post-chorus adding a different flavour to it.

My criticism of songs in this style is that they rarely showcase unique vocal colour in the group and I feel that applies here too, especially when compared to tracks like ‘Liar Liar’.

The video

Matching the song, it’s soft and summery. An outdoors scene with a breeze blowing and soft muted colours. The dance itself is very stereotypically ‘KPop girl group’ right now, but that is probably the right vibe for the song in question.

I particularly like the way that, as the Windy Day chorus begins, the wind ramps up and I think it is filmed very well when it could easily have become very cheesy.



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