Spotlight on: Orange Caramel – My copycat (Inkigayo – 31/08/2014)

Lyrics can be found HERE

Song Name:  My copycat

Artist: Orange Caramel

Performance and date: Inkigayo – 31/08/2014

Label: Pledis

EP/LP name:  My Copycat

Other interesting Info:

  • Orange caramel are a subunit of the girl group Afterschool


The Singing

You click on this for the singing? Really, We know the OC girls can sing but lets be honest it’s not what we care about. These girls are 100% performers when they appear as Orange caramel. It’s all about catchy beats and engaging performances!

The Dancing/stage show

This is what you come to Orange Caramel for. These girls know how to look like they are having fun, sure it might all be an act but they certainly do it well! I love the Copycat themed stages, In fact OC always follows through on the stage theming for comeback. I challenge anyone to watch this performance and not enjoy it just a little bit!

Other perfomances of this song.

Inkigayo – 24/08/2014 (Where’s Wally)

Music Core – 30/08/2014 (Frozen)

Music Core – 23/07/2014 (Michael Jackson)


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