Spotlight on: Pentagon – Gorilla


Song name: Gorilla

Artist: Pentagon

Released: 09/10/2016

Label: Cube Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Pentagon


The song

I was pleasantly surprised by Pentagon’s pre-debut song and their debut does not disappoint. Utilising a popular theme in beats with the ‘snake charmer’ sound this is very much a trend driven release that also firmly sets a stage that for this group the rap is not an ‘add-on’. Like many true hip-hop songs it contrasts light airy vocals with harsh, rasping rap and therefore creates a familiar sound for new listeners.

Normally in the groups, it’s the rapper who first catches my ear, perhaps because they are the contrast. This time, however, it was the vocalist who bought such a light soft vocal that still had strong clarity. I think perhaps this struck me more again because, in this song, that is the contrast.

The stage has been set for more ‘aggressive’ boy groups and Pentagon has the potential to monopolise on that, assuming the market is not all sewn up by acts such as BTS and B.A.P. Hopefully Pentagon will continue to push in a Rap/Hip-hop direction and set themselves as slightly distinct from other Idol groups.

The video

Is pretty good, if somewhat typical, ‘Gritty’ boyband stuff. Dark set, Flashing lights and a liberal sprinkling of Choreography shots. It doesn’t stand out as exciting or different but it matched the song well.

The choreography, like the music, seems to be aiming to be  on the more aggressive side which I like but may not be to others tastes and could wear thin quickly if this is all they do in future. The stylist seems to have been happy to make the boys not seem too distinct at this stage, in my opinion, a wise move. It stops Cube having had to ‘back’ who they think will be popular yet, removes accusations of favouritism and leaves the emphasis on the performance.

The video however, is full of typical music video cliches, right down to the barking Doberman, so if that sort of thing distresses you , I suggest you resort to audio only.

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