Spotlight on: Pentagon – Young


Song name: Young

Artist: Pentagon

Released: 08/07/2016

Label: Cube Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Young


The song

The song is really catchy and the rap is of a pretty good standard in the Kpop world, unfortunately I think the fact this is a solid outing will be overshadowed by negative publicity relating to Cubes management. The song itself kinda gives me a boy 4minute feel for some reason and that isn’t a bad thing.


The video

Is actually pretty funny, I wasn’t expecting anything so amusing for a showcase music video like this, especially not from an agency floundering as much as cube. I guess the idea is to showcase the trainees…although I was confused as to why show all ten but just before I posted this I read the nice bit of cube manipulation promising an opportunity to debut a ten member group.


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