Spotlight on: Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Song name: Russian Roulette

Artist: Red Velvet

Released: 06/09/2016

Label: SM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Russian Roulette


The song

Red Velvet continue their switching between the red and the velvet sides  with this upbeat track.  This is perhaps the most ‘typically’ girl group track from the group yet and will hopefully lack some of the criticism they have experienced for not producing ‘chart friendly songs’. That being said, while I enjoy the song I am disappointed to see it from Red Velvet as I normally look forward to hearing something less stereotypically K-pop from them.

The Song itself is super catchy with echoes of SNSD when they were in their ‘bubbly’ period. Much like the video the sound has strong 90’s echoes and it would seem the 90’s are here to stay for a while as a trend.

The video

Utilises the ‘bright pastel’ trend to it’s fullest whilst channelling the 90’s with some of its fashion and effects. the video maintain  the ‘face to camera’ shots that Red Velvet could almost claim is a signature at this point. The dance shows promise, however has echoes of happiness in the type of cutsey-bubbly it goes for which is not my personal taste. I could have done without the school uniform PE kits with ‘school girl’ blush, if only because most of these girls are too old for it to be remotely cute  to do, although I am sure many will disagree with me on that!

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