Spotlight on: Romeo – Nightmare

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Song name: Nightmare

Artist: Romeo

Released: 22/05/2016

Label: CT Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Nightmare


The song

The song isn’t exactly what the title ‘Nightmare’ had me expecting. Pretty standard upbeat, cute ‘Boyfriend’ pop. I am well aware that I am pretty forgiving of it in girl groups, but I think where I am only recently getting into boygroups I haven’t had enough exposure to enough of a variety of boygroup music to water down the saturation of this stuff.

That being said, the song is clearly well executed¬†(catchy even) without leaning on English to make it catchy to English speakers. The beat is danceable and must be a welcome addition for people who aren’t a fan of the hip-hop-esque sound that is popular right now.

The video

As with all bright, fun hits like those of either gender, the video has a heavy choreography focus and features the fresh faced band members clearly and distinctly. There are some ‘individual’ and group shots of the boys just having ‘fun’, which fits nicely with the tempo and feel for the song and it’s nice to see boy groups pulling out the summer sounds too in one of the few places where girl groups dominate.


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