Spotlight on: Secret – I’m in love (Music core – 16/08/2014)

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: I’m in love

Artist: Secret

Performance and date: Music core – 16/08/2014

Label: TSent

EP/LP name: Secret summer

Other interesting Info:

  • Hanna used to go by the stage name Zinger


The Singing

The singing is fabulous and assuming music core aren’t lying about their policy the vast majority of it is live. If so this is really impressive because the girls sound great with a great tone to their voices

The Dancing/stage show

This is by far the best costumes the girls had for their comeback, whilst the barefoot situation was probably born out of necessity it is an amazing little gimmick for the performance.

The rain on the cameras annoys me from a show editing point of you (why are these music shows so bad at editing their cuts?) but adds a lovely dream like quality to the filming which is awesome.

The dance is perfect, I really like the choreography for this song full stop, the only part that jars for me is the random boob grab on the second sweep of their arms.

No comment on this performance would be complete without talking about the rain. If the record label had decided to deliberately make secret get wet during this performance it would have been banned. Yet mother nature saw an opportunity, anyone who doesn’t think this performance is super hot in the rain is a liar! On top of that props to the girls for managing to still carry out the choreography.

Other perfomances of this song.

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